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been busy

2009-05-28 04:33:04 by kelvang93

inactive for the last couple of days.

Been practicing my actionscript. if anyone knows a decent place to learn some actionscript 2 let me know, and not tutorials something that will actually teach me something instead of give me a set of guidlines for 1 thing.

Done a lot of artwork, if you want to see some send me a PM- I am willing to do some for your game / move if you want.

Been writing some music which you may have seen I put 2 crappy peices on here.


2009-05-16 00:54:08 by kelvang93

I'm a little stumped as to a game or movie I can make, anyone have suggestions? I dont do anime.

I updated my information aswell, put in a header started some on the forums made a forum signature.

Also if anyone needs any graphics done give me a call maybe I can make you something decent if you need a reference my Icon is hand-Drawn and I can send you some extra stuff I have painted.

First few flashes

2009-05-11 03:29:43 by kelvang93

I made my first decent flash game today, it still sucks :P I know you dont have to remind me.
I started work on a platformer type game but it still has a few kinks to be knocked out of it.
I plan on starting some new flash stuff tomarrow so if anyone has suggestions feel free to let me know :D